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The AudioGuide1.0 for Tourists !…

… is the first android app entirely created by the students !

This app is  aimed at helping foreign tourists find their way in Charleville, jumping from a point of interest (POI) to an other. The interface must present a map of the city, and 6 main POI. For each POI, the tourist has the choice between an audio description made by a couple of students, or a wikipedia description from the internet. The students also give their advices about where to eat, where to have a drink … all in english.

First, using the AppInventor interface, they had to design the app. Then, they had to brainstorm what could be the best content, the best way to present the city.


Secondly, we selected Johann’s app (above). Afterwards, the students had to record their voices to describe the different POIs by groups.

Finally, we built the app, and shared it via a QR code.

Let’s check out the video to see how it works !

The last BUT NOT LEAST step was to present our app for tourists to the mayor of the town Boris RAVIGNON.

During 1 hour, our students promoted their app and got many thanks from both the mayor (second from the left) and the headmaster of our high school Marc GUENIOT (first from the left).
The media coverage was more intense  than expected !

Local newspaper : L’union
Local weekly magazine : La semaine des Ardennes 

Charleville/Boris Ravignon visited The european class of the Lycée BAZIN. These students created an audioguide app running on Android devices.
Charleville/Boris Ravignon visited The european class of the Lycée BAZIN. These students created an audioguide app running on Android devices.

MADMAGZ via OSONS INNOVER highlights …

… the use of smartphones in the Lycée BAZIN.

OsonsInnover Article

MADMAGZ is a …

 …  website that allows you to create, distribute and, if desired, sell magazines. It is a french business based in Paris. Operating since 2010, it has a dozen employees.

A global innovation, Madmagz has been prominently featured in the media:

[ Le Monde, Le Nouvel Observateur, Les Échos, Stratégies, BFM, France 3, Le Midi Libre, Les Inrocks and more than 200 other news outlets have talked about Madmagz ]

OSONS INNOVER for EDUCATION is a part of the MADMAGZ group dedicated to new tech in Education. Therefore, we were asked to publish a document about our pedagogy involving smartphones in our classroom.

The article online (in french) describes how our students use their smartphones. We present the Audioguide1.0_App, the Robot1.0_App, the virtual museum in Augmented Reality.

The full article (in french) details the global policy of the high school, educational purposes, objectives and feedbacks from students.


The RobotNXT1.0 Androïd App …

… was made to move the RobotNXT with the smartphone in bluetooth.


The objectives were :

  • To use AppInventor interface to program the App ;
  • To design the App (create buttons, cursor for speed, dialog box)
  • To program the App (Go Forward, set up the speed, turn clockwise, counterclockwise)
  • To create a bluetooth  connection between the robot and the smartphone (bluetooth client)
  • To share the App using a QR code

Currently, the curriculum in mathematics in France involves the learning of algorithms and how to write programs. The students used to work with softwares like AlgoBox, Scratch, or Python in the computer room. These are good and interesting tools ! Nonetheless, if the students could program an application and download it on their smartphone, it is getting more interesting, right ?

Therefore, why not involving modern devices in our pedagogy, and turn the smartphone into a useful tool for education !

Interface NXT App

The pictures below show the two sides of AppInventor.

This is the interface where the students can design the app using the several tools/objects from the frame on the left. The frame on the right is used to modify the settings of the object (name, upload picture/sound, size,…).

Designing the App in AppInventor

This is the interface called “blocks” where the students program the app using a code in blocks. That’s why programing is getting easier and easier ! Just drag and drop 🙂
Programing the App with AppInventor

Watch the video to check out how it works !

You can get the Android App by scanning this QR code, and say Yes to all steps 😉 !

QR_NXTStudents at work…

IMG_20150309_174004 students at work

The GoogleCardboard in the classroom …

… is aimed at enhancing the communication in english.

The GoogleCardBoard makes you enter a world in Virtual Reality (VR). Once in your eyes, the cardboard gives you the feeling to be in a real world. Indeed, you can move your head from the right to the left, from the bottom to the top, and you can see the photo or the video in 360°, like in the real world, which is totally amazing !

Let me show you the first test in my classroom, of course more to come in the next articles.


Immediately, following the announcement of the new cardboards version 2, our high school got a set of 30 of it last september. These cardboards will be involved in our pedagogy all along the year as an experimentation for students. Therefore, we decided to present you a set of activities using the cardboard months after months.

30 cardboards

First, we made a teaser last week  to show you the first reactions of the students when they  tried this cardboard and the experience of Virtual Reality VR for the first time.

Enjoy and cu soon for more articles about the use of this fantastic tool !