The RobotNXT1.0 Androïd App …

… was made to move the RobotNXT with the smartphone in bluetooth.


The objectives were :

  • To use AppInventor interface to program the App ;
  • To design the App (create buttons, cursor for speed, dialog box)
  • To program the App (Go Forward, set up the speed, turn clockwise, counterclockwise)
  • To create a bluetooth  connection between the robot and the smartphone (bluetooth client)
  • To share the App using a QR code

Currently, the curriculum in mathematics in France involves the learning of algorithms and how to write programs. The students used to work with softwares like AlgoBox, Scratch, or Python in the computer room. These are good and interesting tools ! Nonetheless, if the students could program an application and download it on their smartphone, it is getting more interesting, right ?

Therefore, why not involving modern devices in our pedagogy, and turn the smartphone into a useful tool for education !

Interface NXT App

The pictures below show the two sides of AppInventor.

This is the interface where the students can design the app using the several tools/objects from the frame on the left. The frame on the right is used to modify the settings of the object (name, upload picture/sound, size,…).

Designing the App in AppInventor

This is the interface called “blocks” where the students program the app using a code in blocks. That’s why programing is getting easier and easier ! Just drag and drop 🙂
Programing the App with AppInventor

Watch the video to check out how it works !

You can get the Android App by scanning this QR code, and say Yes to all steps 😉 !

QR_NXTStudents at work…

IMG_20150309_174004 students at work

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